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File #: R-21-176   
Type: Resolution Status: Enacted
File created: 6/7/2021 In control: City Council
Final action: 6/21/2021
Enactment date: 6/30/2021 Enactment #: R-2021-048
Title: Amending The Adopted Capital Implementation Program Of The City Of Albuquerque By Approving New Projects, Supplementing Current Appropriations And Changing The Scope Of Existing Projects (Pe?a, by request)
Attachments: 1. R-176, 2. R-176Enacted
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6/30/2021 City Clerk Published  Action details
6/29/2021 Mayor Signed by the Mayor  Action details
6/25/2021 City Council Sent to Mayor for Signature  Action details
6/21/2021 City Council Accepted with a Recommendation Do Pass, as Amended (Immediate Action)  Action details
6/21/2021 City Council Passed as AmendedPass Action details
6/21/2021 City Council AmendedPass Action details
6/21/2021 City Council AmendedPass Action details
6/21/2021 City Council AmendedPass Action details
6/14/2021 Finance & Government Operations Committee Sent to Council for Immediate ActionPass Action details
6/14/2021 Finance & Government Operations Committee Sent to Council with a recommendation of Do Pass, as AmendedPass Action details
6/14/2021 Finance & Government Operations Committee AmendedPass Action details
6/7/2021 City Council Introduced and Referred  Action details
6/7/2021 President Referred  Action details





COUNCIL BILL NO.         R-21-176             ENACTMENT NO.   ________________________


SPONSORED BY:                      Klarissa J. Peña, by request





Amending The Adopted Capital Implementation Program Of The City Of Albuquerque By Approving New Projects, Supplementing Current Appropriations And Changing The Scope Of Existing Projects (Peña, by request)



WHEREAS, the Capital Implementation Program of the City of Albuquerque is governed by the requirements established under Section 2-12-4 ROA, 1994, which provides for semiannual amendments to the approved program; and

WHEREAS, appropriations are needed for various purposes including the Cultural, Storm, Streets, Economic Development, Legal, Parks, Police, Solid Waste and Transit; and

WHEREAS, Impact Fee revenues now need to be appropriated; and

WHEREAS, the State of New Mexico grant projects approved by the 2021 State Legislature now need to be authorized; and

WHEREAS, the appropriations of these various funds to projects within their respective purposes are timely and necessary for the City to serve its citizens.


Section 1.  That the appropriations are hereby made and/or changed and that decreased in activities/projects are transfers of revenues to the specific projects as indicated.


Department                                                                                                         Source                                                                      (Decrease)

Cultural Services/BioPark Tax

BioPark Tax Project                     Interest                     (470,041)

BioPark Tax Project                     Interest                     470,041

                                          Gross Receipt Tax                     17,000,000

Cultural Services

International District Library                     Transfer in Fund 225                     1,000,000

Cultural Services/UETF

Ballooning Pioneers Speak                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (10,174)

Bach's Lunch Concert Series/

                     Educational Outreach-                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (503)

Taking Poetry into the Albuquerque

                     Cultural Community                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (5,096)

The KiMo Theatre Book in Celebration

                     of its 90th Anniversary                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (3,263)

Schooltime Series Performing Arts

                     Education for Youth                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (8,387)

NHCC Summer Institutes                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (10,193)

Outpost Productions Youth

                     Performance Program                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (483)

PLAY Conservatory Summer Stock                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (1,522)

FUSION Family Theatre Tour                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (196)

In-School Music Ensemble Visits in APS:

                     New Mexico Philharmonic                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (4,500)

Schooltime Series Performing Arts

                     Education for Youth                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (1,138)

Outpost Productions Youth

                     Performance Program                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (322)

Innovate, Create, Educate: Community

Concerts: Chamber Music Albuquerque                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (6,124)

ABQ STEAM Fiesta                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (2,838)

Explora Teen Art Café                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (2,018)

Albuquerque Folk Festival                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (526)

John Aaron Lewis Legacy Project                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (323)

Sawmill Museum                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (661)

Schooltime Series Performing Arts

                     Education for Youth                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (9,799)

Tablao Flamenco: An Urban

                     Experience                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (220)

Downtown Growers Market                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (5,416)

Young Musician Initiative: New

                     Mexico Philharmonic                     Transfer in Fund 861                     (4,856)

Design/Planning Services                     Transfer in Fund 861                     78,558


MD Vehicles Replacement                     Public Surplus Sales                     6,845

Railyards                      Miscellaneous Revenue                     700,000


Broadway Pump Station                     Miscellaneous Revenue                     4,000

MS4 Storm Water Implementation                     Contributions                     60,413

NPDES                     Contribution in Aid                     38,966

Bear Canyon  Arroyo                     Contribution in Aid                     5,013

Arroyo Flash Flood Indicator

                     System                                                                                    15 GO Bonds

The scope is expanded to include other citywide projects.

Arroyo Flash Flood Indicator

                     System                                                                                    17 GO Bond

The scope is expanded to include other citywide projects.

Kirtland AFB Detention Basin                     17 GO Bond

The scope is expanded to include other citywide projects.

Southern Boulevard Storm Drain                     17 GO Bond

The scope is expanded to include other citywide projects.

Bear Canyon Channel Stabilization                     17 GO Bond

The scope is expanded to include other citywide projects.


Street                     Interest                     (530,449)

Traffic Sign Replacement/                                                               Pavement Markings                           13 GO Bond Interest                     13,142

Intersect Signalization                             17 GO Bond Interest                      517,307

Replace Street Maintenance Heavy

                     Equipment                     Public Surplus Sales                     42,509

Aspire PID                     Contribution in Aid                     50,000

Reconstruction Major Intersections                     Contribution in Aid                     57,385

NW Arterial                     Contribution in Aid                     19,334

ADA Sidewalk Improvements                     Contribution in Aid                     1,130

University Blvd Multi-Modal

                     Improvement                     Contribution in Aid                     95,594                     

Ladera Drive                     17 GO Bond

                     The scope is expanded to other District 3 projects.

Rio Grande Complete Streets South of Central  

                                                                  13 GO Bond                                               (30,000)

 Montano Ped/ Bike Improvements                       13 GO Bond                                    (15,339)

 Rio Grande Complete Streets South of Central  

                                                                  17 GO Bond                                                (316,169)

12th and Sawmill                                                                                      13 GO Bond                                       45,339

The scope of the project is to plan design and construct multimodal and safety improvements at the intersection of 12th Street and Sawmill Road and on 12th from Sawmill Road to Interstate-40.

12th and Sawmill                                                                                      17 GO Bond                                    316,169

The scope of the project is to plan design and construct multimodal and safety improvements at the intersection of 12th Street and Sawmill Road and on 12th from Sawmill Road to Interstate-40.

D2 Indian School Road Improvements                        11 GO Bond                                          

The scope of the project is expanded to include striping and other roadway   improvements on Odelia Road from Broadway Boulevard to University Boulevard.

Indian School Road Diet (West)                                              13 GO Bond                     

The scope of the project is expanded to include striping and other roadway  improvements on Odelia Road from Broadway Boulevard to University Boulevard.

Indian School Road Diet (East)                                               13 GO Bond

The scope of the project is expanded to include striping and other roadway        improvements on Odelia Road from Broadway Boulevard to University Boulevard.

DMD/Streets/Transportation Tax

Road Maintenance                                                         Public Surplus Sales                                     16,600

Road Deficiencies                                                                                       Contribution in Aid                           75,451

Road Infrastructure Improvements                     Transportation Infra. Tax                     

                     Arterial Street Rehabilitation FY21-22                     5,681,214

                     Residential Street Rehabilitation FY21-22                     5,668,364

                     FY23 Heat Scarified Recycle In-Place Street Rehabilitation                     1,505,000

                     FY23 CLMRS                                          2,363,422

                     FY23 Slurry Seal Program/Crack Seal                     1,590,000                     FY23 Micro Surfacing Program                                          1,002,000

                     Emergency Projects                                          1,000,000

Unser from I-40 to Central                                            17 GO Bond    

The scope is expanded to include the planning, design, engineering, right of way acquisition and construction of Improvements to Central Avenue from Unser Boulevard to 106th Street.

Trails and Bikeways                     Transportation Infra. Tax                     1,650,000

Wyoming Boulevard Complete Streets                      Transp. Infra. GRT Bond                     (2,000,000)

                     Gateway Improvements

Gibson Corridor                     Transp. Infra. GRT Bond                     2,000,000

                     The scope of the project is for streetscape improvements including sidewalks, curb and gutter, medians, and where possible installation of additional streetlights.  Improvements to the crossings to make the corridor more pedestrian friendly.

Paseo Del Norte/Calle Norteña to Unser (Adopted City Wide Policy Priority R-18-84)       

Transp. Infra. GRT Bond              2,000,000

                     The project termini are extended west to Rainbow Boulevard.

Attachment 1 to this Resolution submits an updated list of Transportation Tax Deficiency Projects that includes the text changes and amendments to the list submitted through this resolution.

EDD/Metropolitan Redevelopment

East Downtown                                                                       Real Property Sales                         141,221

Railyards Film                                                                               Rental of City Property                                                             3,750

Property Management                                                               Miscellaneous Revenue                                                   2,500


Comcast Fund                                                                                    Interest                                                         (14,160)

Comcast Capital                                                                                    Interest                                                           14,160

Franchise Revenue                                                                                                               215,707

Parks & Recreation

Park Amenity & Forestry Rehab                               Contributions and Donations                            29,450


Vehicle Replacement                      Insurance Reimbursement                     216,562

Subrogation Vehicle                      Insurance Reimbursement                     10,493

Solid Waste

Solid Waste                     Interest                     (319,819)

Computer Equipment                     Interest                     319,819

                                          Public Surplus                     83,588


BRT Small Start 5309                     Transfer from 305                     (1,854,032)

                                          Transfer from 341                      1,979,157

                                                                                                                              NMDOT                                                                                     (100,000)

Transit/Transportation Tax

Transfer to Other Funds                     Transportation Infra. Tax                     12,540,000

                     Section 2.  That the following Impact Fee revenues and interest are hereby appropriated.

Project Name                                          Amount

Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Facilities

Parks Northeast                     Impact Fee Revenue                     5,457

                                                                                Interest                     2,386

Parks Southeast                     Impact Fee Revenue                     79,406

                                          Interest                     967

Parks Northwest                     Impact Fee Revenue                      244,401

                                          Interest                     5,534

Parks Southwest                     Impact Fee Revenue                     21,645

                                          Interest                     1,308

Trails                     Impact Fee Revenue                     19,190

                                          Interest                     824

Open Space                     Impact Fee Revenue                     175,689

                                          Interest                     1,789

                     Sub-total Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Facilities                     558,596

Public Safety Facilities

Fire Citywide                     Impact Fee Revenue                     60,536

Police Citywide                     Impact Fee Revenue                     26,425

                     Sub-total Public Safety Facilities                                          86,961

Roadway Facilities

Roads Citywide                     Impact Fee Revenue                     543,549

                     Sub-total Roadway Facilities                                          543,549

Drainage Facilities

Southwest                     Impact Fee Revenue                     30,043

                                          Interest                     (18,936)

Tijeras                     Impact Fee Revenue                     31,389

Far Northeast                     Impact Fee Revenue                     32,286

Northwest                     Impact Fee Revenue                     54,081

                     Sub-total Drainage Facilities                                           128,863

                     Total Impact Fee, and Interest                                          1,318,016

                     Section 3.  That the following State of New Mexico grant projects approved by the 2021 State Legislature are hereby authorized.

Project Title                     Amount

12th Street NW and Sawmill Road NW Improvements                     300,000

98th and Unser Traffic Signal                                          50,000

Affordable Housing                                          1,600,000

Alameda Little League Complex                                          200,000

Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Exhibition                     110,000

Area Gym Equipment                                          25,000

Artificial Turf Playing Fields Acq. & Construct                     160,000

Atrisco Area Bicycle Recycling Center Equipment Purchase -

                     Change to Equip the School on Wheels -

                     Change Agency - Extend Time                                          0

Atrisco Heritage High School Access Road -

                     Expand Purpose - Change Agency                                           0

Balloon Fiesta Park Upgrade                                          50,000

Bear Canyon Senior Center                                          105,000

Bear Canyon Senior Center Vehicles                                          29,670

Bike Trail Tom Bolack Park                                          50,000

Bridge Boulevard Bus Shelter                                          150,000

Candelaria Nature Preserve Renovate                                          550,000

Casa Barelas Community Greenhouse and Garden                     50,000

Casa Grande Linear Park                                          25,000

Cibola Loop Multigenerational Community Center                     500,000

Community Garden Santa Barbara                                          60,000

Community Kitchen                                          205,000

Crestview Bluff Open Space Acquisition                                          95,000

Cuidando Los Ninos Facility                                          65,000

Daniel Webster Park                                          350,000

District 3 Street Lights                                          60,000

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Avenue Welcome Sign                     15,000

Eastdale Little League Batting Cages                                          10,000

Eastdale Little League Restroom ADA Compliance                     154,000

Eastdale Little League Windscreen Replacement                     25,000

El Oso Grande Park Light                                          50,000

Elena Gallegos Open Space Facilities                                          30,000

Emergency Food Distribution Program Vehicle & Equipment                     87,000

Encuentro Center                                          220,000

Explora Science & Children's Museum Stem, Phase 2                     1,160,000

Family Services Safety and Equipment Upgrade                     40,000

Family Services Vehicles Purchase - Expand Purpose - Extend Time                     0

Fire Department Heart Monitors                                          761,000

Fire Rescue Station 12                                           117,500

Fire Rescue Training Facility                                          625,000

Fire Station 23                                          250,000

Fire Vehicle Purchase                                          1,610,000

Foothills Area Command Police Station                                           230,000

Foothills Trailhead Light                                          15,000

Gateway and Crisis Triage Centers                                          3,941,145

Gibson Boulevard SE                                           265,000

Golf Course Road NW Bus Stop                                          18,000

Greenhouse Facility                                           95,000

Highland Senior Center                                          79,998

Holiday Park                                          143,400

International District Family Resource Center                     400,000

International District Library                                           241,000

Interstate Highway 40 and Paseo del Volcan Interchange

                     Rights of Way Acquisition - Change to Acquire Rights

                     of Way and Construct Paseo del Volcan - Extend Time                      0

Jack Candelaria Community Center                                           500,000

Jerry Cline Tennis Center                                           85,000

Juan Tabo Hills Dog Park                                          30,000

Ladera Golf Course                                          525,000

Lead Avenue SE and Coal Avenue SE                                          300,000

Lobo Little League / Balduini Park Improvements                     50,000

Lomas Tramway Library Roof and HVAC Improvements                     625,000

Los Altos Park                                          1,440,000

Maloof Air Park Improvements                                          37,000

Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center Equipment                     21,582

Manzano Mesa Pickleball Complex                                           460,000

Matheson Park                                          130,000

McMahon Blvd. NW                                           150,000

Meals on Wheels Equipment                                          180,600

Median Landscaping                                          50,000

Mesa Verde Park                                          20,000

Mobile Homeless Facility Vehicles                                          110,000

Morningside Park                                          50,000

Museum Phase III                                          190,000

National Institute of Flamenco                                           165,000

NE Area Command Police Substation                                          250,000

NM Veterans' Memorial Park                                          937,600

North Domingo Baca Aquatic Center                                           2,740,000

North Fourth Art Center                                          350,000

Paseo del Las Montanas Trail                                           20,000

Paseo del Norte Boulevard NW                                           2,050,000

Pat Hurley Dog Park                                          30,000

Performing / Visual Arts / Ed Center                                           1,127,027

Petroglyph Little League                                          30,000

Police Department Gunshot Detection Technology Equipment                     445,000

Police Department Info Tech Purchase and Equipment                     825,000

Police Department Public Safety Equipment                     20,000

Police Department Vehicle Purchase                                          10,000

Poole Property Open Space Acquisition                                          25,000

Rail Yards Market                                           230,000

Real Time Crime Center                                          4,570,000

Rio Grande Triangle Park                                          30,000

San Jose Neighborhood Sound Wall                                           560,000

San Mateo Public Safety Complex                                          100,000

Sandia Vista Dog Park                                          20,000

Sawmill Old Town Pedestrian Street                                          1,385,000

Senior Nutrition & Transport Equipment                                          24,000

Senior Nutrition & Transport Vehicle                                          266,950

Shared Warehouse for Museums                                          10,000

Shooting Range Park and APD Training Center                     100,000

Sierra Vista Tennis Facility                                          50,000

Silver and Lead Avenue SE                                          60,000

Singing Arrow Archeological Site                                           120,000

Southwest Public Safety Center                                          55,000

Special Collections Library Roof HVAC Replacement and Renovation                     60,000

Sports Stadium & Multiuse Center                                          4,954,750

Taylor Ranch Library Renovation                                          400,000

Tony Hillerman Library Parking Lot                                           50,000

Trumbull Park Renovation                                          150,000

Ventana Ranch Park Sports Office                                           50,000

Wellesley Park Tennis Courts                                          40,000

West Mesa Little League Facility                                           127,000

Westgate Community Center                                          143,000

Westgate Community Center, Phase 3                                          250,000

Westside Indoor Sports Facility                                          300,000

Wheels Museum                                          75,000

Youth Education Program Information Technology and Vehicle                     179,000

Youth Temporary Housing Facility                                          455,000

                     TOTAL                                          44,166,222

Section 4.  That in the event these grants and/or contributions are received, upon execution of an agreement between the parties, the amounts indicated above will be

appropriated in their respective fund, with the provision that the amounts will be

adjusted to reflect actual Federal, State, and/or private contribution participation.
























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