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File #: R-18-2   
Type: Resolution Status: Enacted
File created: 1/3/2018 In control: City Council
Final action: 1/17/2018
Enactment date: 1/24/2018 Enactment #: R-2018-002
Title: F/S Establishing A Legislative Policy For The City Of Albuquerque For The 2018 New Mexico State Legislature (Pe?a)
Attachments: 1. R-2.pdf, 2. R-2 Approved Floor Substitute, 3. FS R-2Enacted
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1/17/2018 City Council Passed as Substituted, as AmendedPass Action details
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1/17/2018 City Council AmendedPass Action details
1/17/2018 City Council SubstitutedPass Action details
1/3/2018 City Council Introduced  Action details
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COUNCIL BILL NO.       F/S R-18-2                      ENACTMENT NO.   ____________________


SPONSORED BY:                     Klarissa J. Peña                                                                                    





F/S Establishing A Legislative Policy For The City Of Albuquerque For The 2018 New Mexico State Legislature (Peña)




Section 1. The following initiatives providing for the health, safety and welfare of the people of Albuquerque require the joint efforts and resources of the State of New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque and therefore are adopted as the State legislative priorities of the City of Albuquerque:

(A)                     PUBLIC SAFETY PRIORITIES FOR THE CITY OF ALBUQUERQUE. The City of Albuquerque’s number one priority is public safety. The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     funding for behavioral health, alcohol and drug treatment services;

(2)                     funding for modernizing land/mobile radio systems;

(3)                     funding for police squad cars;

(4)                     funding for police mobile surveillance trailers;

(5)                     a reoccurring funding source to provide for the processing and archiving of sexual assault evidence kits and related court expenses at the State Department of Public Safety Crime Lab and qualified local agency crime laboratories;

(6)                     funding for public safety officers;

(B)                     PUBLIC WELFARE AND SAFETY.  The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     funding for development of a Metropolitan Mental Health Crisis Response Center;

(2)                     amending the Treatment Guardian Act to create a process for individuals to voluntarily receive treatment and supervision who are living with mental illness and are declared incompetent after being adjudicated;

(3)                     protecting Medicaid and State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) coverage;

(4)                     protecting funding for programs for low income seniors that provide home repairs and retrofits, and assist with household chores;

(5)                     protecting funding for the New Mexico Housing Trust Fund;

(6)                     funding for expanding the number of attorney’s at the Second Judicial District including assistant district attorney’s and public defenders;

(7)                     compensating local jails for the cost of holding parole violators and other State prisoners;

(8)                     prohibiting the imposition of a fee on municipalities for municipal prisoners housed in county detention facilities;

(9)                     sentencing alternatives to allow more effective local control of jail populations;

(10)                     strengthening penalties and expanding the scope of identity theft laws; and

(11)                     strengthening the sentences for human trafficking convictions from a third-degree felony to a first-degree felony.

                     (C)                        CAPITAL OUTLAY.  The City of Albuquerque supports efforts to identify the means and methods to reorganize the capital outlay process to address the goals of the administration and the legislature while maintaining the ability to assist local agencies in funding projects.

                     The City requests funding for the following projects:

(1)                     funding for modernizing land/mobile radio systems;

(2)                     funding for police squad cars;

(3)                     funding for mobile surveillance trailers;

(4)                     improvements to City sports facilities for the National Senior Games;

(5)                     Phase II of the Joan Jones Community Center;

(6)                     design and construction of a stormwater conveyance system in the Santa Fe Village Neighborhood;

(7)                     improvements to the Ladera Golf Course;

(8)                     design, construction, furnishing and equipping Phase II of the Field of Dreams Sports Complex;

(9)                     landscaping medians on Ouray Road;

(10)                     construction of a Bike Boulevard Safety Crossing at 14th Street and Lomas Boulevard;

(11)                     design and construction of Complete Streets improvements to 4th Street from Coal Avenue to Avenida Cesar Chavez;

(12)                     design and construction of Complete Streets improvements to Rio Grande Boulevard from Interstate 40 to Alhambra Avenue;

(13)                     construction of a Route 66 Visitors Center on the Arenal Escarpment;

(14)                     land acquisition and resource planning for the Crestview Bluff Open Space;

(15)                     Metropolitan Redevelopment Projects in the West Central Metropolitan Redevelopment Area;

(16)                     Women’s Memorial in honor of the West Mesa Murder Victims;

(17)                     landscaping medians on Coors Boulevard (State Road 45);

(18)                     Design, construct and landscape medians on Dennis Chavez Boulevard (State Road 500);

(19)                     landscaping medians on Unser Boulevard;

(20)                     streetcaping on West Central from the Albuquerque City Limits  to the Rio Grande;

(21)                     streetscaping on roadways located in Albuquerque City Council District 3;

(22)                     design and construction of storm drain improvements in the general vicinity of 90th Streets between Bridge Boulevard and Eucariz Avenue;

(23)                     pedestrian improvements in the 86th Street right of way from Bridge Boulevard to Tower Road in Southwest Albuquerque;

(24)                     construct and install Route 66 Arches on West Central;

(25)                     construction of a gymnasium at the North Domingo Baca Multi-Generational Center;

(26)                     design and construction of a police substation at North Domingo Baca Park;

(27)                     design, construction and purchase of right of way for improvements to McMahon Boulevard from Unser Boulevard to Universe Boulevard;

(28)                     design, construction and purchase of right of way for improvements to Paseo Del Norte from Calle Nortena to Rainbow Boulevard;

(29)                     design, construction and purchase of right of way for improvements to Paseo Del Norte from Coors Boulevard to Eagle Ranch Road;

(30)                     design, construction and equipping of a new Southeast Heights Substation;

(31)                     improvements to the irrigation system and planting replacement trees at Alvarado Park;

(32)                     improvements to the irrigation system and planting replacement trees at Montgomery Park;

(33)                     study, plan, purchase land, design and construction for a replacement facility for Balduini Park;

(34)                     construction of Phase II of Juan Tabo Hills Park;

(35)                     improvements to a youth baseball complex at Dale Bellamah Park;

(36)                     improvements to a youth baseball complex at Manzano Mesa Park;

(37)                     design of a landscape planting strip and bicycle trail improvements at the intersection of Tramway Road (State Road 556) and Indian School Road; and

(38)                     Foot Hills Area Command Police Substation Improvements.

 (D)                     REVENUE MEASURES.   The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     maintaining local government taxing authority and gross receipts tax base;

(2)                     examining alternatives to improve municipal revenue streams or create diversity to stabilize municipal revenue sources; and

(3)                     identifying means and methods to improve or create an alternative to the hold harmless provision of the state budget.

(E)                     ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.   The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     the State Mainstreet Program including the Barelas, Downtown, and Nob Hill Mainstreet efforts in Albuquerque;

(2)                     funding to purchase properties in targeted areas to remove blighted structures and to stimulate redevelopment;

(3)                     preserving and prioritizing local economic development in State economic planning;

(4)                     continuing incentives for the film industry;                     

(5)                     increasing marketing funds for State tourism;

(6)                     increasing marketing funds for economic development and recruitment;

(7)                     efforts to make Property Assessment Clean Energy Bond (PACE) financing a viable option in the state of New Mexico;

(8)                     protecting the $50 million dollar LEDA funding level so as to maintain the fund as an evergreen fund;

(9)                     funding the New Mexico Job Training Incentive Program to $12 million and provide the necessary emergency funds to the program to fulfill the FY17 commitments;

(10)                     adopting Enhanced Enterprise Zone Legislation that is geographically focused and has a no cost tool for collecting and distributing property tax abatement on future land value increases;

(11)                     holding harmless the portion of property taxes allotted to Tax Increments Finance Districts, and Tax Increments Districts, so as to continue to stimulate re-development and new construction;

(12)                     amending the High Wage Jobs Tax Credit to remove Industry & Job Type Exclusions such as Corporate and Regional Headquarters;

(13)                     funding to the NM Partnership and the Economic Development Department;

(14)                     programs that strengthen solo workers and entrepreneurs as local economic development assets;

(15)                     efforts that increase the investment and deployment of broadband services;

(16)                     economic development tax credits without further depleting access to the credits or changing the value of the credits; and

(17)                     grants to incubators for early-stage business creation, for International Trade Exports.

                     (F)                      EDUCATION.  The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     authorizing the Albuquerque Public School District to adopt rules and procedures to enable the District to form a strong partnership with the City of Albuquerque to address issues of infrastructure, overcrowding and school transportation choice, especially for schools located in rapidly growing areas with a large population of working families;

(2)                     adequate and equitable funding for Albuquerque public schools, charter schools, institutions of higher education, and alternative schools for at-risk children;

(3)                     full funding at all existing sites for the 21st Century Learning Center Educational Programs; and

(4)                     providing capital funding to charter schools.

                      (G)                     LAND USE.  The City of Albuquerque supports:

(1)                     reinstating the City of Albuquerque’s extraterritorial planning and zoning authority and authorizing the City and Bernalillo County to develop a mutually acceptable and cooperative decision-making process regarding land in the extraterritorial area.

 (H)                     ANIMAL ISSUES.  The City of Albuquerque supports: 

                     (1)                       funding to assist local animal shelters with the costs of sheltering animals under court-ordered protective custody;

                     (2)                     adoption of legislation prohibiting contests organized, arranged, or sponsored for the purpose of killing coyotes for prize or exhibition;

                     (3)                     addressing issues arising from the links between domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse; and

                     (4)                     amending the State Cruelty Law to define neglect as cruelty and increase penalties for animal cruelty.

 (I)                     GENERAL.                     The City of Albuquerque supports the policy statements and resolutions of the New Mexico Municipal League (NMML); if any NMML policies are inconsistent with the provisions of this Resolution, the provisions herein shall prevail.































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