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File #: R-16-77   
Type: Resolution Status: Enacted
File created: 8/1/2016 In control: City Council
Final action: 8/15/2016
Enactment date: 9/1/2016 Enactment #: R-2016-064
Title: Accepting The Designation And Committing To The Standards Of Bee City USA (Benton, Winter)
Sponsors: Isaac Benton
Attachments: 1. R-77, 2. R-77Enacted
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9/1/2016 City Clerk Published  Action details
8/31/2016 Mayor Signed by the Mayor  Action details
8/22/2016 City Council Sent to Mayor for Signature  Action details
8/15/2016 City Council Passed as AmendedPass Action details
8/15/2016 City Council AmendedPass Action details
8/1/2016 City Council Introduced  Action details
8/1/2016 President To be heard at the Council Meeting  Action details





COUNCIL BILL NO.          R-16-77                  ENACTMENT NO.   ________________________


SPONSORED BY:                      Isaac Benton and Brad Winter





Accepting The Designation And Committing To The Standards Of Bee City USA (Benton, Winter)



WHEREAS, the goal of Bee City USA is to promote healthy, sustainable habitats and communities for bees and other pollinators; and

WHEREAS, thanks to the tremendous diversity of wild native bees, along with the honey bees that were brought here from Europe in the 1700s, we have very diverse dietary choices rich in fruits, nuts and vegetables; and

WHEREAS, one in every three bites of food we eat is courtesy of insect pollination, and even our meat and milk trace back to insects that pollinate alfalfa and other feed for beef cattle; and

WHEREAS, bees and other pollinators around the globe have experienced dramatic declines due to a combination of habitat loss, use of pesticides, and the spread of pests and diseases, with grave implications for the future health of flora and fauna and food security; and

WHEREAS, communities have the opportunity to support bees and other pollinators on both public and private land through reduced and pesticide free zones; working in collaboration with city officials to manage and increase healthy native habitat for pollinators- including, but not limited to roadsides, medians, open spaces and parks; and

WHEREAS, supporting pollinators fosters environmental awareness and sustainability, increasing interactions among community stewards such as commercial and backyard beekeepers, farmers, children, educators, Master Naturalists, Master Gardeners, plant nurseries, municipalities, neighborhoods, and garden suppliers and clubs; and

WHEREAS, the economic benefits of (native and honey) bee-friendliness include healthy ecosystems--pollinators are required for reproduction of about 80% of flowering plants globally, increased vegetable and fruit crop yields due to bee pollination, increase of some habitat for natural enemies of crop pests and therefore reduced need for and costs associated with pesticides, increased demand for pollinator-friendly plant materials from local nurseries, income for beekeepers and others through the sale of bee products and equipment, hive rentals for pollination, heightened prestige and premium asking prices for place-based honey that enhances the visibility and reputation of its community of origin, increased economic vitality and destination tourism; and

WHEREAS, Albuquerque and New Mexico have a thriving bee keeping community, offering accountability within the beekeeping community and teaching fundamentals of beekeeping for both backyard and commercial beekeepers, and a multitude of allied organizations in the public and non-profit sectors collaborate toward these same goals; and

WHEREAS, the City continues to strive for the highest compliance in certified sprayers and Integrated Pest Management in accordance with EPA standards; and

WHEREAS, ideal pollinator-friendly habitat provides diverse and abundant nectar and pollen from plants blooming in succession, provides clean water for drinking, nest-building, cooling, diluting stored honey, and butterfly puddling, provides pesticide-free zones and best practices for pest management, is comprised of mostly native species of plants native pollinators prefer or depend on the native plants with which they co-evolved, designated pollinator zones in public spaces with signage to educate the public, and provides for safe and humane removal of bees when required; and

WHEREAS, in order to enhance understanding among municipal staff and the public about the vital role that pollinators play and what each of us can do to sustain them the City of Albuquerque agrees to meet the commitments required of Bee City USA communities as stated below.


Section 1. That the City of Albuquerque accepts the designation and commits to the standards of Bee City USA (BCUSA) and designates the Parks and Recreation Department as the City's BCUSA sponsor; Parks and Recreation Department shall designate a representative from that department.

Section 2. That NMBKA will provide a BCUSA liaison to encourage and coordinate local pollinator habitat and awareness activities.

Section 3. That the designee from the Parks and Recreation Department, City Council, and NMBKA will work together to serve as the intermediary between the citizenry and the City on matters of enhancing pollinator awareness, health and habitat, fulfilling the following commitments:

(A.) To annually celebrate National Pollinator Week (third week of June) or some other appropriate occasion with educational events, pollinator habitat plantings or restoration, proclamations or promotions that showcase the City's commitment to enhancing pollinator health and habitat.

(B.) Work annually in collaboration with the non-profit New Mexico Beekeeping Association (NMBKA) and City Council to create a progress report and shall report to the Council annually by the end of the fiscal year.

(C.) Annually apply for renewal of the community's designation and submit a report of the previous year's BEE CITY USA activities following the format provided.

Section 4. That the City will publicly acknowledge its commitment by installing and maintaining at least one authorized BEE CITY USA street sign in a prominent location, and creating/maintaining links on appropriate pages of the municipal website which includes, at minimum, links to this enacted Resolution and the national BEE CITY USA website, contact information for the municipality's BEE CITY USA liaison and designated facilitator commission or non-profit organization committee, and reports of the pollinator-friendly activities the municipality has accomplished the previous year(s).




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