City of Albuquerque
File #: O-15-57   
Type: Ordinance Status: Withdrawn
File created: 6/22/2015 In control: City Council
Final action: 8/17/2015
Enactment date: Enactment #:
Title: Adopting The Albuquerque Fair Workweek Act (Pe?a, Benton)
Sponsors: Isaac Benton, Klarissa J. Peña
Attachments: 1. O-57

COUNCIL BILL NO. O-15-57 ENACTMENT NO. ________________________

SPONSORED BY: Klarissa J. Pe?a and Isaac Benton

Adopting The Albuquerque Fair Workweek Act (Pe?a, Benton)
The Council makes the following findings:
WHEREAS, most of Albuquerque's workforce juggles responsibilities at home and at work but often have little ability to change their work schedules to accommodate family responsibilities, continuing education, medical appointments, or other important obligations; and
WHEREAS, many employers have adopted "just-in-time" scheduling, which gives employees little advance notice of their work schedules, and "on-call" scheduling, which often leads to cancelled or shortened shifts, thus affecting other work opportunities and incurring additional travel or childcare costs; and
WHEREAS, approximately two-thirds of Bernalillo County's workforce is paid on an hourly basis, and according to a national survey of early-career hourly workers (ages 26-32), 41 percent of such employees know their schedules a week or less in advance, half said their schedules were decided solely by their employer, and nearly three-quarters of hourly workers reported that their weekly hours fluctuate significantly; and
WHEREAS, hourly workers are more likely than salaried workers to have multiple jobs, work part time or have variable hours, part-time hourly employees are ten times as likely to want more hours, women are particularly likely to hold part-time jobs, and low-wage part-time workers often do not earn enough to meet their basic needs for housing, food, shelter, and health care; and
WHEREAS, erratic hours, long shifts, and inadequate rest between shifts can result in sleep deprivation and fatigue, impairing decision-making, coordination, and reaction time; and
WHEREAS, highly fatigued workers are 70 percent more likely to be involved in a workplace acciden...

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